Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Daisy, Dragon and the Red Socks

Here are some recent projects. Been working on the Daisy Stitch Hand Warmer from the PurlBee. It's super cute and when I saw it in the store, just couldn't resist. Making a pair for Joanne and one for me. Ravelry info here.

Replacing the "Coral Reef" with "Jungle" here. Will make another pair that has Coral Reef.

It's an arm warmer for the baby!

This is the Dragon Scaled Mitts from the purlbee too. Yes, I browsed through their projects and started doing all the ones that I like. I used a 3.00mm instead of US3 (3.25) and I think it's a bit too tight for my comfort even though everybody says the mitts should be nice and snug. I might do the second one in 3.25 just to see if I like it better. On, the yarn is Blue Sky Alpacas Melange. I just loved the color. It has a bit of red peeking out once in a while too. Ravelry Info.

This is the second of the big red socks (first one given to the recipient already) I made for my cousin who's a big red socks fan. Making big men socks are not the most exciting thing. It just goes on and on...Sent it to Maine yesterday.