Saturday, March 01, 2008

Small FO's, updates and Stitches West

Citron Jaywalker
Finished the first pair of jaywalker for me. After finishing a pair for the sock pal last year and the failed pink one (just too big and did not decide to rib until about 70% done with the second sock!), finishing one was all I could manage before putting it away for a long time. By the time I picked it up again this year, the month had chew two holes in the heel. You can see the darning on the left one with a different color (red, blue I believe). I probably wouldn't darn socks except I haven't even wore these yet. I know, the striping of the two is very different. Ravelry project info.

Pattern: Jaywalker (the larger size)
Yarn: Sundara socks in "Citron"
Fit: 8 1/2 inch
Needle: US 2 (2.75mm) Circular (when th wooden ones broke) and Susan Bates Silvalumes (realized like the wooden ones better)

Jailhouse Rock Monkey

Pattern: Cookie's Monkey from Knitty (love this pattern! So easy to memorize, it's like doing stockinette like January One said)
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sock that Rock light weight in Jailhouse Rock color way.
Needle: Blue Skye Alpaca US 2 (good needles, but too expensive and I think I like the longer dpns so I only need to use four instead of all five)
Ravelry info for this monkey

Pumpkin Hat

Used left over Deam in Color Classy for the top. It's cute interesting effect. Didn’t do such a good job hiding the stitches on top but made the green part look more 3D.
pumkin hat info.

FFL update
Finished second repeat of chart 2 and gazillion more stitches to go. Sorry to sound a bit discouraged, it's just according to the percentage chart, this is only 22% done. But the beauty of the pattern and yarn will keep me going.

Ravelry info for FFL

Stitches West Finds
There were so many treats at Stitches West and one of the most impressive items I saw was this vest knitted by a lace knitter and designer Joyce Williams.

This was knitted on a 000 size needle and took longer then most of the intricate shawls she makes. Here's a close up:

And this is the awesome Ravelry wall image that everybody loved: