Monday, October 06, 2008

Love small cookie cutters!

Baking has slow down but not before I made these adorable animal cookies. Don't you just love my adorable ladybug timer? :-)

It's been too long

It's been too long since a knitting picture has appeared on this site. We are catching up today. Here's picture of us down at Santa Cruz to check out some yarn shop and have yummy lunch at Gayle's Bakery. Their lavender cookies are so good! Mary wearing her *just* finished sweater vest. Evil Chelsea introduced us to Gayle's :-) She was so nice to be the chauffeur for the day.

I got some buttons for the BSJ at the Yarn Place in Santa Cruz. I did not bring the sweater but knew I needed some turquoise and was very surprise they are such a good match.

Here's Orion modeling the BSJ. It's clearly too small but I thought it was very funny he looks like a tiny gay man purposely wearing shirts too tight.

Here's a picture of the End Paper mitten before it's ripped out. I needed the white yarn for a project plus this was too tight so I did not want to make it and not fit me. Will try again with bigger needle. (used 3.0mm this time)

Here's the twisted stitch practice from Cookie's Cable class (arranged by the Guild here). This was challenging because I had to cable on the wrong side too (if I had done it in the round, I would not have to cable on the wrong side) This is the class that sent me home searching for the Twisted Flower pattern that I couldn't find for the longest time.

Finally finished the second Daisy Stitch mitt. I made a big mistake, can you see (I'll give you a hint, it's the left one)? Kinda bugs me A LOT but I only noticed it after everything was finished. What to do? Make another one and chuck the defective one out?

Alright, this jacket took forever. I think it's the stitch; it's a slip ribbing pattern. You can't really see it, but it's really doing the whole sweater in ribbing. The button bands are puckering up. Gonna do some blocking to see if it will help. Still have to add buttons.

I immediately cast on for the Sunrise Circle Jacket. I've had the yarn and pattern for a while. What prompt me to do it now is: I am making myself do a Kate Gilbert pattern before I can buy another Kate Gilbert pattern (and more importantly the yarn for it). I've been dying to do Wisteria and this is bit of delay of instant gratification. Back to Sunrise Circle Jacket: I love the yarn. It's brown Plymouth Tweed but it's the little orange and green bits in it that I love.

Gotta find a way to upload pictures more often....