Sunday, May 09, 2010

I haven't been knitting...

I haven't been knitting, because I've been baking. It started with needing to practice baking a cake for my uncle. Then it continued with cookies. I found these savory cookies they were so good I just couldn't get them out of my head.

I couldn't wait to made David Lebovitz's seaweed cookies. He called for this seaweed salt ingredient (fleur de sel aux algues) that's from his local salt person, so it's not something I could easily get. He did give direction on how to make it.

I went to several stores to get the ingredients I need. For some reason I couldn't get "dried dulse" in japanese supermarket but had to get it from wholefoods. Makes me wonder if it's product invented for the westerners. I did not combine the dried seaweed mixture with the salt as suggested because I feel I can control the salt usage and sometimes only add the dried seaweed to cooking too?

So the recipe says to use 2 teaspoon of fleur de sel aux algues mix. I figure using one teaspoon each of the flakey salt and dried seaweed would be enough. Unfortunately it was not salty enough for my taste. I _had_ to make another batch to make it right. The second batched with two teaspoon of the dried seaweed and one teaspoon of the flakey salt plus one teaspoon of the "seaweed salt" i got from japanese store. The taste came out perfect. I just want to write it down somewhere so I can do it again.

I haven't found a baking equivalent of ravelry so I am doing it here. Thanks for putting up with me. I recommend you try this if you like savory cookies. And Ina's parmesan thyme cookies too. Those were great too.