Friday, November 14, 2008

Many knittings but no blogging

I have been a busy little bee but haven't been able to blog because I got a new computer and everything is different so I am still trying to figure things out. But here it goes for now.

Peony Shetland Triangle shawl

Here's a close up of the shawl

The whole shawl. You can see where the skein changed because the color is slightly different.

This is my baby making a funny face posing for me :-)

Firebird Clapotis

This is at the end of increase, before the "even" row.

I am about half way through now, but putting it aside for christmas knitting

Sunrise Circle Jacket

This was done before the Thanksgiving trip and not a christmas present. In fact, nobody will really ever get an adult sweater that's not related to me or share my last name. Sleeves are a bit longer but I can live with that

My second Pomatomus sock out of MamaBlue seasilk yarn.

love it, love it! I have to confess: it was gonna be a present but I like the finished object too much and couldn't let it go.

My favorite model showing the Yarn Harlot's Unoriginal Hat:

I love the smirk on his face. This is going to charity.

Series of Koolhaas hats. First up is The Fiber Company's Road to China:

Side view:

Top view as the model tries to run away (tired of modeling)

Immediately caste on for the second one right after. Using Sundara's worsted weight yarn (color mossy)

(my model is napping so didn't get a picture of him wearing it)

Working on the third one out of cascade 220 worsted in silvery color:

Okay, I am gonna breath now and go learn how to back up the computer.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The new Twisted Collective is up

This one just screams my name. The subtle front, the dramatic back and the color.