Sunday, April 26, 2009

Still not a lot of knitting, but some fun stuff to report

Don't know what happened to my knitting mojo but just haven't been knitting that much. I am still knitting, just not at the crazy pace I used to do it. Maybe it's because there are too much stuff to do lately?

I did go to Lacy Knitter's Guild meeting and here's a cute little thing our friend Wes shared:

It's a pattern with those cherubs like in ancient art works except if you look closely, they are listening to a radio :-)

Here's the pattern and maybe a better look:

I did manage to get the second of the cashmere lace mitts done and here's official model modeling it:

That's all for now. I need to get cranking on some stuff that has deadlines...

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Not much knitting, many things to report

There hasn't been much knitting because of the move and all other stuff, but here's a recap of things in past couple month.

First there was Stitches West 2009 conference. Here are a few wonderful things we saw.

A wonderful Bohus sweater:

She had a beautiful silk blouse underneath too:

Lily Chin is always a great entertainer. Here she is as "Cruella De Lil":

I took a Norwegian Purl class with the wonderful Beth Brown-Reinsel and here's a little sample from the class:

I took a picture and ripped it out so I can make a mitten:

The only modification I made from the original pattern was making the corrugated ribbing at the cuff so I can practice that some more from the class.

One "out there" thing at Stitches was my ticket winning a alpaca hat at the student banquet. Here's me wearing the hat:

Most peoples' reaction is: "You look like an Eskimo!"