Sunday, April 05, 2009

Not much knitting, many things to report

There hasn't been much knitting because of the move and all other stuff, but here's a recap of things in past couple month.

First there was Stitches West 2009 conference. Here are a few wonderful things we saw.

A wonderful Bohus sweater:

She had a beautiful silk blouse underneath too:

Lily Chin is always a great entertainer. Here she is as "Cruella De Lil":

I took a Norwegian Purl class with the wonderful Beth Brown-Reinsel and here's a little sample from the class:

I took a picture and ripped it out so I can make a mitten:

The only modification I made from the original pattern was making the corrugated ribbing at the cuff so I can practice that some more from the class.

One "out there" thing at Stitches was my ticket winning a alpaca hat at the student banquet. Here's me wearing the hat:

Most peoples' reaction is: "You look like an Eskimo!"

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(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

Love that last picture!