Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Scarf presents

This was Christmas present for Mark. I knew he likes white and he's probably the only person I know that can keep it clean. He seems to really like it. Wore it on his birthday with his dinem jacket, very cute. I still have the same yarn so I will probably make a hat.

Blue Sky Alpaca Worsted (50% alpaca, 50% merino), Ecru. Two hanks used.
Finished May 2006

This is the scarf made for Lena. The yarn was sooooo amazing at Purl. I couldn't resist it. It's by far the most expensive yarn I bought. Two skeins cost $70 + tax.

Yarn: Alchemy's Furry Kindness. 70% French Angora, 30% wool. 86yd / 25g. Two skeins used.
Finished June 2006 (temperature was getting a bit warm in NY to be knitting mohair...)

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