Thursday, September 06, 2007

My model learned a new skill!

Very excited about finishing Icarus. Maybe I can wear it to my brother's wedding if I don't (and most likely won't) finish the shawl I want to make for the occasion.

And my model learned a new skill - Sitting up all by himself! How long would he continue to let mommy drape these lacy stuff over him without complaining? We'll see.

Here's a shot of the Swallawtail shawl and the Icarus. They look pretty together. Now if I can only figure a way to rotate this picture....

Finally finished the Pomatomus. I know I like like a few years late on this because everybody's on to Monkey now. I really like the twisted stitches that makes this pattern really show. Thanks Cookie.

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spinnity said...

Hey there, I didn't know you had a blog! Just found you through ravelry. Great looking shawl(s), model, and Pomatomus socks!