Sunday, December 23, 2007

It's Been Too Long

It's been too long since I last posted, but rest assure there has been much knitting.

The baby blanket from dream in color. Gosh, Ravelry makes it so easy to update the project info now it makes me lazy to have to look up and link up info here.
Dream In Color Classy Happy Forest (Just more then 3 skeins!)

This Surprise Baby Jacket was made for a friend's new child and Orion's modeling it down there. My friend is a big google fan so google colors were used in this sweater.

Modified "Fetching" out of Manos de Uraguay Silk Blend. I think I will make one for myself out of the green one on top. Oh, the one on the left is a 3x2 rib out of the the multi color, woodland.

First sleeve for the Twist Cardigan by Bonne Marie Burns using Sundara's Worsted yarn. No, it's not what you think. I am starting on the sleeves first.
Crossed Over Jacket in Simply Baby by Debbie Bliss.
I must complain about this sweater. If you noticed the model in the book is lying down. Well, the whole back of the shirt is in 2x2 rib and that includes the neck. There are no special instructions on finishing of the back neck so when I first put the jacket on, the neck area was stretching so much that it would not stay on him! I had to improvise to stop the rib from stretching. It's like this book "When bad things happen to good knitters" says: when the picture doesn't clearly show the finished product, they are hiding the flaws in the design. Now I know that's why the baby was lying down!!

Cabled Hat from Classic Elite's Uptown Knitting. As I use the baby to model the hat, my husband says to me "and you wonder why people think your son is a girl?"
Side view to see the braided icords.
And we saved the best for last: Knitted Thanksgiving meal saw at a LYS in Noe Valley, SF


SpinalCat said...

Orion is amazingly cute! I was showing my mom my stuff on ravelry and I just had to show her your pictures of Orion modeling (esp. the Icarus shawl photo)!

Alison said...

All your finished items look great. I also need to thank you for the recommendation for Dream in Color - the yarn is fab!
Hope you had a good holiday.

Kathy in San Jose said...

Love the Baby Surprise jacket and the baby blanket!

Happy New Year!