Friday, June 20, 2008

It's too hot to knit sweaters

It's been too hot to knit sweater so I've been knitting socks like mad. I forgot how quick they are. Here's the finished Merlot Monkey Sock. It's BMFA's STR lightweight's rare gems color way I picked up from Stitches West. I thought Monkey might be a good idea for it. What do you think?

And what's so neat is the color matches Jasmin's hair color! That's her posing with the sock on the WWKIP day.

The Baudelaire was finished before the Merlot Monkey got started. Here's a finished photo.

I actually started another sock (pomatomus) before the monkey was finished. The color is so just so intense I needed to take a break from it. I think the pattern and the yarn color is good together, no?

On a non knitting related note: We went to the DeYoung Museum up in SF for father's day. It was free and the new Chihuly exhibit was opening that weekend too. Thanks to our friend Renee and Stephen's family we were able to go to the cool things that happen around the bay area. Baby seems to like it too!

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