Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Which one matches better?

I am wearing a brown dress to a function and want to make a shawl to go with it. Which one do you think it's better?

Option 1:

This is a silk lace yarn that I will most likely make Eunny Jang's Print O Wave shawl. For those that don't have Ravelry, this is what the wave shawl looks like.

Option 2:

This is the JaggerSpun Silk-Merino lace that will be made into the Orenburg Triangle Shawl. You can take a look at the shawl here too.

Here are they with darker lighting:

Please let me know which one you think it's better. Thanks!


cara.marie said...

This ones best!

Alison said...

OK loads of opinions here! Lovely dress - you are going to look fabulous.

I would chose the single yarn colour - so that neither the shawl nor the dress overshadow each other. I also think that a rectangular shawl like print of the wave is more elegant than a triangular one, especially with an evening dress.

Vivian said...

I like the single color rectangular one better, especially in the dark light.

Lisa said...

#1 fo sho!!

(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

Ditto - #1!

It'll be gorgeous. Print o' the Wave is a beautiful pattern (it's in my queue and I'm wavering between 3 different yarns I have on hand).

spinnity said...

Sign me up for everything Alison said. Dress: hot. Single color: better. Rectangle: more elegant.

Marie said...

Definitely Option 1, I'm right there with the other comments.

I want to know more about the fuction you are going to!

sequinK said...

What everyone else said.

Stole for sure, although I'm having a hard time determining the silk lace color on my box -- is it wine, pink, peach??