Saturday, April 29, 2006

Cascading Leave Socks

One sock done. I didn't start the second one until after the Cherry Blossom Shawl was finished. It only took about three days to do this first sock because it's the thicker medium weight.

4/12/2006 Update

I couldn't wait to start another sock. I've been eyeing this color way before the first one was done. I winded it up in a ball and was all ready. It's a Sock that Rock yarn and let me tell you I did not know why people were crazy about this sock yarn until I started knitting it myself.

It's the medium weight Sock that Rock from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. They did not have many light weight sock yarn at Stitches West (problem with shipment, dye, etc). I really liked the color and went for it in the medium weight. The color on the lable is actually "Fred Flinston" but I did not like the image that name conjours up. So I've decided to rename it to "New England Autumn." My husband agrees it reminded him of autumn when I showed it to him and force him to tell me what he thinks of it.*

Which let me to think perhaps I'll use this yarn for the Cascading Leaves from the Jeanie Townsend. That way I will have the leaves in autumn! :-)

It's working out really well. I took Streets and YOs' advice and shifted the pattern so it matches up with the ribbing on top. It was her sock that inspired me to do this one.

I made another modification: I extended the pattern to the instep of the foot. I want more of the pattern. Not sure how comfortable it will feel but I am willing to sacrifice comfort for look. Now I just need to cross my finger hoping I have enough yarn...

* Poor husband is constantly bothered by me seeking opinion on knitting which he understands as "it's like zero's and one's." That's how I explained it in the computer terms so he can understand better.

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spinnity said...

I found you! Well, you left a pretty clear trail, by leaving a comment.

I ADORE these socks. The match between color and pattern is fabulous. I hope these will also be for you. They look wonderful.