Thursday, May 10, 2007

Instant gratification project

I thought socks were instant gratification projects, plus they are small and portable. I just found a more instant gratifying knit: baby socks! I am knitting socks for my cousin's boy who turned one not long ago. I got this beautiful variegated baby blue Koigu yarn. It's knitting up so nicely that I am tempted to keep it for my own until he can fit it. I'll most likely end up going back to Purl and get another skein of yarn to make a pair for Orion too. People at Purl must think I am crazy. I've been picking up Koigu like they are free. They do have the most Koigu I've seen at any yarn store. Or maybe it's the way they organize the yarn, the colors just really shine.

I will be making more baby socks in the future. But in the mean time, I still need to work on the Jaywalker in Sundara yarn as well as the sock for the Sockapalooza 4. Of course there are two more sock work in progress too...

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