Thursday, January 22, 2009

Found a cute button

I found a cute flower button to complete the Clara dress:

Here's the TeddyBorg modeling the dress:

I need a less threatening looking doll to do my modeling :-)


Alison said...

The dress looks lovely Jasmine. I think the borg teddy with the white lace dress makes an interesting combination...are you making a statement on the effect of babies on women? or the effect of lace knitting on a sane mind? or...I could go on!

Jasmine said...

I am not making any statement. I just don't have other stuff animals that's the right size to model the baby dress, haha.

spinnity said...

Awww, sweet button. I like the teddy borg / lace dress contrast. I hope the recipients love, love, love this dress!

Dayle said...

Thank you so much for the dress! It's so CUTE!! I love it and can't wait to have her wear it. I think we'll put it on her for Easter. :) The button is so cute to...thank you for all the thought you put into making this for us. I'll send you a pic of her in it when she wears it.