Saturday, January 03, 2009

It's all facebook's fault

Okay, so I am blaming facebook for part of the not blogging enough; my cousin got me to join and now I am part of the FAA (Facebook Addict Anonymous) on facebook. J/K. But there is such a thing as FAA.

So what have I don't since? Lots of Koolhaas:

The Cascade 220 superwash in "grey" is done:

The malabrigo worsted in "American Beauty" is done:

The Classic Elite Portland Tweed was half way through before Christmas:

Good thing this one didn't need to be finished before Christmas because the recipient is away until after the new years.

Here are the hats together:

One more koolhaas to go and it's going at the pace of snail because I am just so sick of it already. After this one is finished, no koolhaas for a while until I recover...

These are the first baby socks I made for Orion and I think I will make more.

It's just not right that I have so much sock yarn and I still go out and buy him socks.

But more baby socks will have wait until after another gift knitting is done for my good friend's new baby girl!

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spinnity said...

Yipes, that's a lot of Koolhaas! Man, you can crank them out. I gotta try that one.