Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I've been obsessed

I've been obsessed with the color knitting. Partly because I am afraid I might forget the skills I learned in the beth brown Reinsel class and partly because I just love the way they look. So with a small fair isle project as a dangling carrot, I finished the main part of shawl before casting on.

Originally I used two koigu yarn; yellow and a slightly variegated purple. But the variegation on the purple was too much that the pattern was not showing up well. It had a slight yellow the variegated purple too so that make it worse.

Then I went over to an yarn store that opens really late, I mean a friend (that was kind enough to let me come over late)'s house to see if she has another purple yarn that I can use late monday night. The yarn weight was slightly different and was not showing up well as the constrast color. So sticking to the same pattern I switched the CC as the dominant color and thought it worked out better. When I turned it around, you can totally see where the dominance changed. I thought that was interesting:

I am thinking of switching the Purple to MC and Yellow to CC for the second mitt to make them complimentary. What do you think?

Now I need to go back to pick up and knit the border for the shawl.

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