Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Finished just in time!

Finished the shawl in time for this weekend. Even a little earlier so I can bring it to show at the knitting meetup tonight. Really pushed hard to get the edging done. Gosh, the edging just went on and on. I knew it was gonna be long. I prepared myself for it. But it was still long. Imagine if I didn't prepare myself for it!


Here's my attempt at an artsy shot. Don't think it's that good.

Here's a closeup:

Here's probably how I'll be wearing it:

Probably work on an UFO before starting something new?


Dee Dee said...


Sorry I'll not be seeing it tonight in person. Leaving town tomorrow.

Safe travels! Beach day when you guys get back? Hana was asking about "Rion" yesterday,...

Kathy in San Jose said...

It's beautiful, and wow, you're fast! I've been working on my stole for a while now, and I'm still not done (okay, other things have gotten in the way, but still...)

Jasmine said...

@deedee Thanks. Definitely beach day when we get back. It's sweet little miss H remembers my baby!

@Kathy A deadline definitely helped. I have a shawl project started longer ago than I like to admit and haven't touched it in years!

Alison said...

It looks fabulous! You are going to be a real glamour puss in that outfit.

Marie said...

It looks beautiful. We want to see a modeled shot!