Sunday, November 22, 2009

Knitting with wire and February Baby Sweaters

I finished a couple of baby sweater for friends. I've always wanted to try the February Baby Sweater and these are girl babies so perfect timing.

Finished this pretty quick. Used a US 7 needle so it was very fast.

Next one I decided to try it with these two balls of (about 300 yards) cotton yarn. I haven't not knitted with cotton yet so it was quite exciting:

The second pink one was using US 5 but since I had more yarn I was able to make the sleeves longer. You can compare them side by side:

I was able to try something new at the guild meeting and knitted with wires! Mary was so nice to get the supplies for us and this is what I did:

Isn't it pretty?

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hokidoki said...

Hi Jasmine, this is Martina from the knitting group. I love your Feb Lady, cute and luv the color choices