Monday, March 08, 2010

The owlets got eyes!

Presenting O's new "Fire Owlet" sweater:

This was finished last week but didn't have eyes yet:

And since I had 18 owlets, that meant I would need to sew 36 buttons on for the eyes; I was not looking forward to it. Arlene from the meetup suggest that I used a thick yarn to make french knots for it. I gave it a try and it worked out!

How did I end up with 18 owlets? I did not swatch to check the gauge and just blindly followed the biggest baby size (that went to up 36 month) hoping it would be 22 inches wide. After finishing the body, it looked a little small to me but the silly me hoped* it would all work out and continue on. Right after bind/off, I knew it was too small. I let the kid try it to confirm (was only 20.5 inches across chest), measure my gauge and ripped it out. Recalculated how many stitches I would need and cast it on again (did not want to change needle plus I had a lot of yarn left so I could make it bigger).

What did we learn from this?! Hoping is not a good strategy in knitting.

One more note about the french knots: The knot span across two rows so and I wrapped the yarn around the needle eight times before finishing the knot. It seem to work out okay.


Dee Dee said...

Rion, I like your sweater. I want you to have a good life. And I wish that you have a lot of books to read.

Love, Hanalee

Jasmine said...

hahalee is so sweet! Orion misses you. We went to visit another friend Hana (that we haven't seen for a long time) and he kept on thinking he was gonna go hang out with Hanalee. He was disappointed when he found out it wasn't hanalee.